TDG: Consumers Report Sizeable Advances in OTT TV Viewing

Consumers Report Sizeable Advances in OTT TV Viewing

TDG Finds that More than Half of Adult Broadband Users have Increased Their Consumption of Online Video Sources on their TV, 24% Significantly So

November 14, 2013 (Plano, TX) – If there is one thing certain about the future of TV, it is that an increasing amount of television viewing time will be spent watching online sources. According to research from TDG, more than half of consumers with a net-connected TV have increased their use of over-the-top broadband TV sources in the last year, with 24% reporting a sizeable increase.


Only 8% of net-connected TV users report a decline in OTT TV viewership during the last year, meaning net-connected TV users are six times more likely to have increased their use of the medium than to have decreased it.

“That consumers are watching more over-the-top video is not itself surprising,” notes Michael Greeson, co-founder of TDG. “But to see such a widespread increase in OTT TV viewing is dramatic, especially as pay-TV subscriptions in the US are experiencing their greatest 12-month losses to date.”

The data is drawn from TDG’s Video Behavior in the Age of Quantum Media primary research study from Q3 2013. The study analyzes a variety of video behaviors, including use of traditional television and new viewing platforms including tablets and smartphones. As well, the study examines trends in the use of smart TVs and various net-to-TV platforms to access online video on one’s television, including game consoles, Internet set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and other devices. For more information about this unique study, please contact Laura Allen Phillips, Research Service Manager.

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