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At Screen Engine/ASI, our philosophy centers on understanding the “abilities” of content as it migrates from development to distribution. No matter the content type - scripted, unscripted, branded, unbranded, game shows, sports programming, or kids and YA programming - or market, including international and Hispanic, our suite of products is designed to quantifiably measure and track these abilities, providing a reliable value assessment of content assets prior to making critical financial decisions.

In summer 2019, TDG Research joined the Screen Engine/ASI Family of Companies.

What We do - SEA Content "Abilities"


Measures inherent interest in the idea and its elements. This is the "DNA" check which includes concept assessment/ positioning studies, testing of short written concepts along with all potential elements of interest (e.g. source material, title, director, stars, cast overall, basis in a true story), and storyline dial testing of table script reads.


Informs and identifies how emotionally engaging the content is and the likelihood of success over time through on premise theater testing (using the SE/ASI proprietary dial system), online testing, mall testing, biometrics, and qualitative focus group research.


Provides an understanding of the emotional levers behind content decisions and helps content producers discovery how to effectively reach target audiences Services include detailed audience profiling, marketing strategy assistance, and promo testing.


Offers valuable "screen expert" insights from movie or TV critics, entertainment journalist opinions throughout the country to inform publicity plans, movie release dates, patterns or TV scheduling, an award-worthiness.

Screen Engine/ASI Products & Services - Digital Entertainment

Since 2010, Screen Engine has been the "Go-To" resource for cutting edge research and marketing for the film and television industry, providing a suite of services that includes on-premise content screening and testing, positioning studies, focus groups, trailer and advertising testing and tracking, specific consumer community research, multi-mode testing, and in-home content testing. As entertainment has shifted to the digital arena, so too have our capabilities, with products and services that extend the expertise our clients have come to expect across every screen, every service, and every distribution platform.

The SEA Digital Entertainment Product and Service Suite Includes:

New Entertainment Technology (NET) Tracker: US-only online survey among active home entertainment consumers, fielded monthly (n=1,000), and reported quarterly (n=3,000). Provides in-depth insight into the evolving entertainment landscape, tracking new technology device adoption and usage.

Intent-To-Consume (ITC) Studies: Online survey typically among n=800 active home entertainment consumers (mostly fielded in the US only, but sometimes internationally too), providing insights that help optimize the sales and marketing strategies surrounding a given movie’s release on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and other home entertainment channels.

Creative Testing: Online surveys that evaluate creative executions of home entertainment or video game releases. Provides insights that optimize the effectiveness of package designs (disc packages for movies, TV shows or video games), television ad spots and trailers in preparation for the home entertainment or video game release.

Emerging Technology (Qualitative Insights): Focus groups, IDI’s (“in-depth interviews”), dial testing among large scale groups, and ethnographies, featuring some of the best moderators in the entertainment and technology sectors, focused on new technology (device or service) adoption and preferences.

Engine 360° (Media Optimization and TV Spot Rotation Research): A 50,000-member online panel is utilized to inform home entertainment, video game or technology clients as to their “prime prospect” audiences, where to most effectively place their media advertising budgets to reach them, and most effective TV spot rotations (per “prime prospect” target audience).

Live Event-Dial Testing Audience Reaction: Featuring the proprietary ‘ViewTrac Dial Testing Method’, which provides clients real-time audience feedback for their live events/press conferences and also includes survey and group discussion elements.

Home Entertainment Title Tracking: An online competitive title tracking survey which measures awareness, intent to purchase and HE method/format mostly to consume movies on for home entertainment release. The data is based on ~n=1,000 active HE consumers (bought or rented movie, physically or digitally) ages 13-59 and is conducted weekly among movies about to release, or recently released into theaters.

Customer Database Surveys: A customer database survey solution that provides deeper understanding of a retailer’s customer/shopper by survey invites sent out to their customer database to understand their demographic profile, media habits, device ownership, sources of brand and product awareness, competitive purchasing behaviors, overall satisfaction and suggestions from improvement.

Global Home Entertainment Consumption Tracking:12-terrritory online survey among active home entertainment consumers, fielded monthly (n=500 per territory), data rolled up quarterly (n=3,000 per territory per quarter) and reported semi-annually. Monitors home entertainment transactions as well as viewing behaviors and attitudes across the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium/Netherlands, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Sweden.