Living Pay-TV Free, Beyond Cutters and Nevers

A Collaborative User Segmentation Project

In 2008, TDG predicted 2012 as the year of peak pay-TV, after which MVPD subscriptions would wane due to broadband video diffusion and the emergence of new distribution models adapted to fuel this trend.

Fast forward to 2020.Today, close to 30 million U.S. broadband households live without a pay-TVservice, up more than 300% since 2011.

And, looking forward, it is more of the same.

Today, 25% of broadband households are likely to cancel their pay-TV service (up 56% from 2015), with 13% moderately likely or definitely planning to do so (up 86% from 2015). In other words, 14 million U.S. broadband households are on the cusp of ditching pay-TV altogether, half of which will do so in 2020.
Given current trends, 55 million U.S. broadband households will be MPVD-free by 2025, double that of today, making this the fastest growing home viewing segment.

For years, simply distinguishing Cord Nevers from Cutters was sufficient to understanding Pay-TV Nils. This is no longer the case. The category is now far too large and far too diverse, with characteristics intertwined in not-so-obvious ways which get lost when profiling via a top-line binary distinction.

This project seeks to take the understanding of Pay-TV Nils to a new level!

Designed through collaboration with study partners, this study will:

  • Identify the video services, devices, and features used, past & present, and how best to address key shortcomings;
  • Profile Pay-TV Nils by demographics, psychographics, and viewing by device and by behaviors;
  • Analyze why Pay-TV Nils forwent pay-TV services,and how best to address their sore spots;
  • Assess the appeal of content strategies to best monetize these consumers; and
  • Identify & profile mutually-exclusive segments that comprise Pay-TV Nils

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*Study deliverables include Banners, SPSS data file, Frequencies, Survey, and Final Analysis Report.*

Laura Allen Phillips