Late Millennial Television Sourcing Differs Dramatically from Other Segments

TDG: Late Millennial Television Sourcing Differs
Dramatically from Other Segments

New research uncovers a major shift in television content sourcing
among Late Millennials versus older consumer segments

According to new data from The Diffusion Group (TDG), the balance of sources to which Late Millennials now turn for television content is dramatically different from their older counterparts, especially when it comes to live broadcast and cable versus online on-demand sources such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.


“It is hardly breaking news that older consumers watch more live broadcast and cable programming than do younger consumers, or that younger consumers watch more OTT TV than do older consumers,” said Michael Greeson, co-founder of TDG. “That said, the strong correlation between age and TV sourcing preferences is striking and is of tremendous import for operators and networks looking to target specific age groups.”

According to TDG, adult broadband users age 55 and older spend 61% of their daily ‘TV time’ watching live broadcast/cable programming, but only 4% of this time watching online sources such as Netflix. And the decline of the first and increase of the second are strongly related to the age of the viewer.

In fact, Late Millennials (18-24 years of age) now spend more of their daily ‘TV time’ watching online sources than live broadcast/cable sources (33% versus 29% respectively). This is unique to the Late Millennial segment, as even Early Millennials (25-34s) spend significantly more daily ‘TV time’ viewing live broadcast/cable than online sources (30% and 23% respectively).

The data above is from TDG’s Video Behavior in the Age of Quantum Video, an extensive analysis of US adult broadband users and their interaction with digital media. This is the third iteration of this annual study. For more information about this project, or any of TDG’s primary research, please contact our Research Services team.

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