If Forced to Choose, Which Would It Be: Streaming Services or Pay-TV?

If Forced to Choose, Which Would It Be:
Streaming Services or Pay-TV?
New Research from TDG Finds Service
Preference Varies Dramatically with Age

Plano, TX (May 18, 2016) – When forced to choose between legacy pay-TV and streaming services, dual-service users react differently according to their age. The younger the adult, the more likely they are to choose TV streaming services over legacy pay-TV, and vice versa.

According to new TDG research, when presented with this query, 77% of dual-service users 55 and older would choose legacy pay-TV services, compared with only 36% of 18-34s. Conversely, 64% of dual-service 18-34s would choose streaming, compared with only 23% of those 55 and older.

051816“Forced choice queries are valuable precisely because of the dilemma they pose,” notes Michael Greeson, TDG Co-Founder and Director of Research. “While today’s TV viewer can and often does use both legacy and streaming TV services, when forced to choose between the two, loyalties rise to the top, offering penetrating insight into where different age groups place greater value.”

“Importantly, the relationship between age and service choice is strikingly linear,” notes Greeson. “To see it illustrated in such an unequivocal fashion is quite telling.”

This insight is from TDG’s pending fifth edition of Benchmarking the Connected Consumer, a Q2 2016 survey of US adult broadband users centered on assessing ownership and use of devices and services populating the connected consumer ecosystem. For more information about TDG’s new research, contact us at sales@tdgresearch.com or 469-287-8060.

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