Analyst Insights

July 28, 2006TDG

Social Networking is the Latest Trend… Among Marketing Departments?

by Dale Gilliam It appears that 2006 has become the year of social networking, since this phenomenon has led many to speculate on the value of such...


July 20, 2006Michael Greeson

“The ‘Digital Home’ is 10 Years Away” Who Knows, But Isn’t This Comment Refreshing?

The Shot Heard Round the WorldIn a moment that sent shockwaves through the personal technology industry, Sonos CEO John MacFarlane told the BBC on...


July 13, 2006Michael Greeson

When Product Categories Become Meaningless – Convergence & Home Media Servers

The Headlines Say... According to a number of recently published reports, demand for 'home media servers' - generally defined as hard drive-based...


February 08, 2006TDG

DIS: Intermediation – A Street-Level Perspective

Nicholas Givotovsky, Consulting Analyst, New Media Underlying almost everything related to digital media and everything to do with the present and...