Analyst Insights

January 03, 2008Michael Greeson

Apple TV – So When Exactly is Showtime?

Much has been made about how poorly Apple TV has performed. Though the Company has yet to release specific numbers, consensus suggests sales have...


December 11, 2007

Disney & Macrovision Could Help Get the Guide on the Map

As those of you who have read my writings or heard me speak will attest, I have long maligned the PayTV industry for their failure to provide useful...


November 01, 2007

The Legal Charades are Over: Score Another One for TDG (and our Clients)

TDG's Past Opinions Yet Again Prove a Reliable Indicator of Telecom Activity Update: Despite the recent ruling of the Connecticut Supreme Court, this...


October 23, 2007

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. No, It’s CE Convergence (No, Seriously)

I am relieved; it seems the age of converged digital media is finally dawning. That said, I caution myself not to become irrationally exuberant. The...


September 25, 2007TDG

Diagnosing the eHealth Issues: Doctors Become Developers

In the world of medicine, physicians (not technology providers) are the ones tackling efficiency and quality of care issues by developing innovative...


September 18, 2007

IBC 3: A Few Afterthoughts and Reflections

As I sit here on the plane returning to the U.S. after a most enjoyable IBC, I find myself thinking about the state of the digital media industry as...


September 14, 2007

IBC-2: Of Guides, Graphics, and Quality

Amsterdam was the focus of the European media technology world this weekend with vendors, operators, and content providers crowding the 12 halls of...


September 13, 2007

IBC-1: Trapped in IPTV Land

Up until the very last pre-show panel session at IBC, I felt trapped in "IPTV-land." Speaker after speaker lambasted the open Internet as a medium...


September 12, 2007TDG

The MTV/Rhapsody Deal Confirms It: The iPod is Doomed

Last month, MTV and Real Networks announced a new music service partnership, Rhapsody America. By combining MTV's substantial media presence with...


August 02, 2007Michael Greeson

The Format Wars are Over… Well, Maybe Not

During the recent Electronics Merchants Association Home Media Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, I participated in a panel hosted by the HD DVD Promotional...