Analyst Insights

January 07, 2007TDG

Whom Can You Trust? The Resurgence of Online Healthcare …

The Resurgence of Online Healthcare Portals Warrants a Greater Focus on Consumer Trust Alex S. Kasten, Consulting Analyst, Online and Mobile Health...


December 14, 2006TDG

Interactive TV – Its Real Value to MSOs

Michael Fisher, Consulting Analyst, Advanced Digital Media Services Interactive TV (iTV), despite its storied past, is back in the news again and in...


November 27, 2006

Alcatel vs. Microsoft – What’s Really Going On

With last week's announcement that Alcatel is suing Microsoft over patent infringement, a new chapter in the complex and decaying relationship...


November 16, 2006

Thoughts on TelcoTV 2006 – It’s Not the Size of the Sword but the Skill of the Swordsman

At last week's TelcoTV conference in Dallas, I had the opportunity to speak with a variety of vendors whose technologies enable the delivery of TV...


November 08, 2006TDG

An Eye for an I: Engagement, Identity & The New Digital Deal

Nicholas Givotovsky, Consulting Analyst "Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context" Joe Plummer, Chief...


October 05, 2006TDG

“I Saw the Future of Digital Cinema…and it was Good”

Thoughts on What UltraHD Could Mean for Movie Theaters Hervè Utheza, Senior Analyst There have been only a few moments in my technology career when...


September 21, 2006

Broadband TV – Taking the Public By Storm One Niche at a Time

What I Learned at IBC While visiting IBC in Amsterdam two weeks ago, I attended a conference session in the Multi-Media in the Connected Home track...


July 28, 2006TDG

Social Networking is the Latest Trend… Among Marketing Departments?

by Dale Gilliam It appears that 2006 has become the year of social networking, since this phenomenon has led many to speculate on the value of such...


July 20, 2006Michael Greeson

“The ‘Digital Home’ is 10 Years Away” Who Knows, But Isn’t This Comment Refreshing?

The Shot Heard Round the WorldIn a moment that sent shockwaves through the personal technology industry, Sonos CEO John MacFarlane told the BBC on...


July 13, 2006Michael Greeson

When Product Categories Become Meaningless – Convergence & Home Media Servers

The Headlines Say... According to a number of recently published reports, demand for 'home media servers' - generally defined as hard drive-based...