Analyst Insights

September 23, 2008TDG

Ah, Amsterdam…Fuzzy Memories of 2008 IBC

Once again, Amsterdam was the focus of the European media technology world last weekend with vendors, operators, and content providers crowding the...


August 14, 2008

Metering Consumer Bandwidth Usage, or How to Kill Broadband TV before It Becomes a Legitimate Threat

In my June 18th opinion piece, I examined a few of the bandwidth usage claims of Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) metered service trial in Beaumont, Texas...


June 18, 2008

Mixed Messages from Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable has recently announced two moves which could have a dramatic effect on the nascent world of broadband video. The first, announced...


May 22, 2008

Yes, PayTV Operators, Be Afraid – Be Very, Very Afraid!

Four or five years ago, I attended a CTAM panel discussion on the digital transition featuring, among others, the SVP of technology for Comcast...


May 20, 2008Michael Greeson

A Few Not-So-Common Thoughts on the Netflix Set-Top Box Announcement

By now you've heard the news that Netflix has released a $99 Roku-manufactured Internet-enabled set-top box. To summarize the news: The set-top box...


May 16, 2008Michael Greeson

Rapid Price Erosion Needed to Ensure Blu-ray’s Viability

You've likely seen the flood of articles reporting that widespread adoption of Blu-ray players will be "delayed" due to higher-than-acceptable retail...


April 04, 2008

BBC’s iPlayer a Model for U.S. Networks?

There's a lot of angst in Hollywood at the moment over broadband video. With video advertising models online in their infancy, the content providers...


February 21, 2008Michael Greeson

The Rapid Demise of HD DVD and the Trail of Embarrassed Analysts Left Behind

Unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few days, you are aware that Toshiba will "no longer develop, manufacture, and market HD DVD players...


February 14, 2008

The Missing Piece at CES, Redux

After the 2006 Consumer Electronic Show, I wrote a TDG Opinion out the profusion of connected, multifunction devices which seemed to be bringing more...


January 15, 2008Michael Greeson

A Quick Take on Take 2

At the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Apple today announced two updates to its digital video strategy. First, iTunes will now feature movie rentals...