Analyst Insights

May 27, 2009TDG

Web-Only Video Programming Heading for the Home TV…Finally

For years TDG has been discussing the inevitability of web video finding its way from the “small screen” PC to the” big screen” TV. With...


May 13, 2009

Cisco: Virtualizing the Home

During Cisco’s Analyst’s Conference call last week, CEO John Chambers talked about virtualization, how it is becoming a reality not only in data...


May 06, 2009TDG

TV Channel “Insurance” and Why We Pay It

I was reading an interesting piece from the New York Times discussing how cable TV is struggling against the rising cost of the channels they carry...


April 21, 2009TDG

Three Lessons a Child Can Teach Us About the Future of Television

"Meet the Robinsons" is the story of a brilliant young child who may change the future of mankind. The lead character, Lewis, is also the...


April 13, 2009TDG

Can Blockbuster Be Saved?

One of the most powerful brands in home video and a stalwart industry player once capable of bending the will of Hollywood studios may be on its last...


April 09, 2009TDG

PayTV Operators Must Embrace Expanded Consumer Choice – That is, if They Hope to Avoid Becoming ‘Dumb Pipe’ Providers

When TDG was first founded in 2004, the issue of a la carte versus pre-packaged PayTV subscription tiers was on fire, primarily due to fact that...


March 26, 2009TDG

Challenges in the Global On-line Video Industry

Another week and another panel to moderate! This one was at the Future of Television Forum West in LA put on by Ned Sherman and Digital Mediawire...


March 22, 2009TDG

What Are Computers Doing to the Task of Education?

“PCs have and will continue to improve the education of individuals, as well as advance our educational system in general.” My knee-jerk reaction...


March 19, 2009TDG

Linksys Media Hub: Peace of Mind in a Box

As the designated IT person in my household I’m delighted to tell you about a new product from Linksys by Cisco: the Media Hub. This has made my...


March 19, 2009TDG

On Syndication, CODECs and Content Consumption

On Tuesday, I moderated a panel at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin entitled “Beyond Apple TV: Building Next-Generation Systems for Acquiring...