Analyst Insights

December 18, 2008TDG

Will SAG be the Tipping Point for Professional New Media Content?

After its attempt to negotiate with the conglomerates failed (again) in November, the Screen Actors Guild mounted a "full-scale education campaign"...


December 11, 2008Michael Greeson

NBC, Quantum Media, and the Demise of Prime Time

This week NBC announced that, starting in fall 2009, Jay Leno would host a weeknight talk show with expanded comedy and satire segments during...


December 02, 2008

No OTT for Nintendo’s Wii? Are You Kidding Mii?

With the launch of the new Xbox LIVE Experience – and the addition of Netflix video streaming – Microsoft continues to transform its Xbox 360...


October 28, 2008Michael Greeson

Apple, Blu-ray, and the Future of Digital Downloads: What is Apple Really Up To?

When it comes to Blu-ray, few know for certain of Apple's direction (a fact which fuels the number of Blu-ray-related insider leaks and ambiguous...


October 08, 2008TDG

Thoughts on Netflix’s Expanding OTT Streaming Video Service, Part 2 – Internet Hounds at the PayTV Doors

In the first part of this opinion piece, we discussed the impact of Netflix’s Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming movie service would have on Blockbuster...


October 03, 2008TDG

Thoughts on Netflix’s Expanding OTT Streaming Video Service, Part 1 – A Wake-Up Call for Blockbuster and PayTV Operators

Since first extending its streaming video service to the TV in May 2008, Netflix has been busy building a very compelling offering. Quickly ramping...


September 30, 2008TDG

MySpace Killed the Radio Star – How to Lose Friends and Alienate Musicians

Last week, MySpace Music was launched as a joint venture between News Corp’s MySpace and four major record labels: Vivendi’s Universal Music...


September 23, 2008TDG

Ah, Amsterdam…Fuzzy Memories of 2008 IBC

Once again, Amsterdam was the focus of the European media technology world last weekend with vendors, operators, and content providers crowding the...


August 14, 2008

Metering Consumer Bandwidth Usage, or How to Kill Broadband TV before It Becomes a Legitimate Threat

In my June 18th opinion piece, I examined a few of the bandwidth usage claims of Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) metered service trial in Beaumont, Texas...


June 18, 2008

Mixed Messages from Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable has recently announced two moves which could have a dramatic effect on the nascent world of broadband video. The first, announced...