TDG 3-Minute Reads

August 02, 2007Michael Greeson

The Format Wars are Over… Well, Maybe Not

During the recent Electronics Merchants Association Home Media Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, I participated in a panel hosted by the HD DVD Promotional...


July 26, 2007

Quality! Who Cares? Give Me Choice

Barely a day goes by without a wide variety of companies announcing new or enhanced online video offerings. For example: CBS announced it will be...


July 11, 2007Michael Greeson

What the TiVo/Amazon Announcement Really Means

As our clients will testify, TDG's predictions and prognostications have in most cases turned out to be accurate - in some cases, eerily so. In terms...


June 26, 2007Michael Greeson

Premature Prognostication? On Blockbuster’s Decision to Drop HD-DVD

The News Last week, Blockbuster announced that it would carry high-definition DVDs in only the Blu-ray format, at least in its brick-and-mortar...


June 14, 2007

A Comcastic Mistake

As a digital media technology analyst, I get the chance to look at a wide variety of electronic program guides (EPGs), a privilege which allows me...


April 12, 2007TDG

Vonage – An Anachronism or an Antecedent?

Stephen M. Dye, Consulting Analyst Hats off to Vonage. It didn't just jump on the VoIP bandwagon; it created it, and for that the company deserves a...


March 29, 2007Michael Greeson

The PC is the Center of the Home Entertainment Universe…NOT

Invited to the Conversation I've had the privilege of working with the leviathans of consumer technology. In different respects, each of them...


February 01, 2007TDG

The New AT&T and the Ghost of Services Past

Stephen M. Dye, Consulting Analyst, Mobile Applications & Services Consolidation among telecom companies (driven primarily by mergers and...


January 25, 2007Michael Greeson

Now Is the Time for Blockbuster to Make Its Move

It's time for Blockbuster to get into the online download business. The market is only now emerging and the pickings are slim, but it's not too soon...