TDG 3-Minute Reads

February 20, 2009TDG

HULU’s Boxee’ng Match

By now many of you have caught the uproar surrounding HULU’s efforts to pull their content from Boxee and  This happened at the request of...


February 20, 2009TDG

Cable: The Time to Engage the Young is Now

I read an interesting piece by Peter Shapiro on a couple days ago entitled “What Do Young People Want From Cable.” Using Pew data as...


February 18, 2009TDG

Over-the-Top Video Delivery Speaks to Minority Markets

Last week I was invited to attend an LA launch event for a new over-the-top video service dubbed &TV, yet another example of the host of new...


February 17, 2009TDG

Moving On Up or Just Moving On? The Changes at Move Networks

There has been much speculation over the last few days regarding what’s really going on at Move Networks.  Reports of layoffs and worse abound in...


February 05, 2009TDG

Netflix Posts Impressive Gains as Hollywood Withers – What’s Really Going on Here?

Earlier this week, Walt Disney Co. reported a 32% drop in quarterly net income, a decline much worse than analyst expectations and due primarily to a...


January 22, 2009TDG

Retailers and Over-the-Top Video Services: Missed Opportunity?

In the fight for video service supremacy – a battleground where TV shows and movies are available on-demand; in which an open broadband connection...


January 19, 2009TDG

Building the Discovery Experience

For many of us, the annual CES pilgrimage is now complete and we are now interpreting the overload of spin. How stupendous was the event, really...


December 23, 2008TDG

TDG’s 2009 Predictions

2009 will be a turning point for the delivery of web video to the television. By the end of the year, some 40 million households around the world...


December 18, 2008TDG

Will SAG be the Tipping Point for Professional New Media Content?

After its attempt to negotiate with the conglomerates failed (again) in November, the Screen Actors Guild mounted a "full-scale education campaign"...


December 11, 2008Michael Greeson

NBC, Quantum Media, and the Demise of Prime Time

This week NBC announced that, starting in fall 2009, Jay Leno would host a weeknight talk show with expanded comedy and satire segments during...