TDG 3-Minute Reads

August 04, 2009TDG

Do We Really Need Micro-blogging Within the Enterprise?

We’ve all read of the increased usage of Twitter. The business model is still unclear, yet twenty something, CEOs and celebrities are using Twitter...


July 30, 2009TDG

Shake-up in the Tier2 TelcoTV Vendor Market

Yesterday, Surewest Communications in Roseville, California announced that they would be switching their television platform to Microsoft's Mediaroom...


July 16, 2009

Rovi’s Liquid Media Guide: A PEG Ready for Prime-Time

In 2005, I wrote a report on the evolution of the venerable TV guide; a report that forecast the imminent arrival of a new breed of electronic...


July 14, 2009TDG

Samsung, Blockbuster, and the Unmentioned Winners in Digital Delivery

As you’ve probably read, Blockbuster and Samsung have signed an agreement to put Blockbuster OnDemand on Samsung’s televisions and blu-ray...


July 10, 2009TDG

Social Media in the Enterprise: Best Practices

Knowledge companies are always focused on ways that they can connect their employees, enable them to collaborate effectively and allow them to...


July 09, 2009TDG

Another Voice in New Media is Lost: Nicholas Givotovsky

For the second time this week, TDG mourns the loss of a friend. Nicholas Givotovsky, 44, tragically passed away this weekend. He is survived by his...


July 08, 2009TDG

Remembering Neal Page

Earlier this week, the world lost Neal Page, CEO of Inlet Technologies. In memory, we are publishing this contribution he submitted to our project...


June 30, 2009TDG

The Answer is Yes

We have heard the term Web 2.0 for the past several years. Web 1.0 referred to the technologies that allowed us to leverage a global network to...


June 25, 2009

Is Canoe the Wrong Approach for Cable?

The news last week that Canoe Ventures is backing away from community addressable advertising comes as a set-back to its stated goal of modernizing...


June 23, 2009TDG

Networking for Value to the Enterprise

Networking. What a loaded term. Many people have an irrational response when they hear this term. Combine that with the term “social” and the...