Bringing Multiscreen Live/Live Linear Programming to Operator ‘TV Everywhere’

More than eight in ten adult broadband users now watch online video of some sort. This is good news for both OTT providers as well for integrated MVPDs who are moving into the online space.

Incumbents have responded by introducing their own IP-based video services in the form of ‘TV Everywhere’, whereby residential subscribers can access many of their favorite TV programs and movies on their net-connected devices.

Unfortunately, today’s TVE services are primarily limited to video on demand, with little live or linear content offered. Nonetheless, offering IP-based on-demand access was the first step in future-proofing the MVPD service set. The next step is to add live/live linear TVE access, raising the bar for competitors, both existing and emerging.

This Market dBrief™ explores the three primary reasons why now is the time to accelerate live/live linear streaming channels as part of the TVE experience.

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