Lucille Palmiere

Senior Advisor, Communications Strategy
Screen Engine/ASI & TDG Research

Holding a Doctorate in Psychology, Lucille Palmiere brings a unique and broad perspective to the worldwide study of media, entertainment, and marketing. As a research executive and consultant, she has over 25 years of experience from both the client and vendor sides, covering such areas as recruited audience screenings, domestic and international theatrical and home entertainment marketing, domestic and international tracking, branding, positioning, and creative testing.

Her academic background and university teaching experience contribute to her effectiveness as a moderator and at client interface.

Lucille is highly skilled at in-depth analysis of quantitative and qualitative findings, with a particular talent at getting to the heart of the story. Her key strength is as a communications strategist, offering keen insights and sharp writing skills.

Lucille earned her Ph.D. (along with her MA) from York University, Toronto, Canada, with concentration in personality/social psychology. She graduated with a BA Honors from U Mass Boston, blending psychology and philosophy (published honors thesis).

Although Lucille has been living in Los Angeles for a while now, you can’t take the east coast out of this Boston native.

Areas of Expertise

  • Theatrical Entertainment
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Creative Testing
  • Content Marketing, Branding, and Positioning
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis