Lauren Kozak

Lauren Kozak

Senior Advisor
Social Media, Analytics, TV Everywhere

Social Media Director, Los Angeles Times/Tribune Publishing

With over 18 years experience, Lauren Kozak is deeply knowledgeable about building audiences and influencing user behavior using social media and community. Lauren also specializes in data-driven marketing, establishes well-oiled community management teams and is more than a little obsessed with marketing funnels. She has delved deep into the psychologies of various desirable niche markets, including millennials, Gen Z, moms, content creators and superfans.

Lauren was marketing on social media before Twitter or Youtube had even launched. She started Britney Spears’ Twitter from scratch, which soon became the third account to ever reach 1 million followers. At Los Angeles Times & Tribune Publishing, Lauren oversaw social media analytics, strategy and audience acquisition for all 8 newspapers. She is the founder and CEO of Emotional Experience Marketing, a Los Angeles-based boutique consultancy.

Lauren has a double major in Cognitive Science and Art History from Occidental College. She lives in Los Angele In her free time, Lauren enjoys painting, cooking, and travel.

Areas of Expertise

    • Social Media
    • Audience Acquisition and Development
    • Digital Analytics
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • User Generated Content
    • Funnel Development, Diagrams & Metrics
    • Community/Social UX & Product Development
    • Audience Research