Our Approach

Actionable Media Research Insights for Those Shaping the Future of TV & Video

As media companies turn to data to inform tactical business decisions, leaders turn to TDG for strategic direction and media research. Across a range of media research topics, TDG develops syndicated research reports and custom intelligence for the top media companies in the business.

Each industry analysis, each primary research endeavor, examines in detail the forces shaping the broadcast and digital media world. These insights provide the missing pieces of information needed to make informed business decisions.

Who is The Diffusion Group?

Established in 2004, TDG is a media research consultancy comprised of a unique combination of seasoned media industry researchers with a singular focus: to provide actionable insights to service providers, content developers, and technical product developers looking to master the future of TV and video.

Today’s TV & video viewing experiences are infinitely more complex than those of just a decade ago. No longer restricted to in-home broadcast and cable, today’s viewers watch a variety of content (TV shows, movies, live sports, short clips) from a variety of sources (both legacy and streaming) when, where, and on whatever device they choose.

Collectively, these elements comprise the foundation of a complex media ecosystem that, in theory, provides universal access and highly-personalized media experiences. This is true quantum media, just as TDG first foresaw in 2006.

In these rapidly evolving markets, keeping pace with change is difficult, much less predicting the nature of change years before it manifests. As TDG Members will testify, this is precisely what we do: combine a deep awareness of the present with an uncanny eye for what’s next.

Our Experience with Syndicated Research Reports

For more than 14 years, TDG’s insights have benefited the world’s top media producers, including:

  • Technology providers
  • Hollywood studios and TV networks
  • Pay-TV operators
  • Over-the-top broadband video providers
  • Cutting-edge digital video enablers
  • And more!


Perhaps it is time to learn more about how TDG can help your company advance your video strategies through in-depth syndicated research reports.


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