The Recommendation Revolution – The Future of Recommendation-Driven Guides, 2016-2025

Today’s viewers are busy people, and when they do take the time to sit down and watch television, they want to watch something they will enjoy. Most viewers simply do not have the time or patience to search for programming using standard grid guides.

Enter the Recommendation-based programming guide or RPG, which uses modern recommendation engines to not only quantify the types and frequency of programs viewed, but provide valuable data for their MVPD and network clients.

TDG believes that by 2026 the use of recommendation-based program guides among MVPDs will be the norm, as well as the primary resource through which most viewers go about deciding what to watch.

In this report, we examine the forces working in favor of recommendation engine diffusion, as well as several potential stumbling blocks. We also discuss the companies now making a name for themselves building out the recommendation engines of tomorrow, and offer predictions for the evolution of this space over the next ten years.